A new shopping discovery

I have recently discovered two new website with just a few shopping items at a time, but great deals:  GroopDealz and Mama Bargains.  Both have good deals on cute stuff for babies, kids and mamas.  GroopDealz runs several items at a time and MamaBargains has only one at a time, but they may offer a couple of deals a day.  The catch?  You have to act fast!  No hemming and hawing!  GroopDealz gives you a few days, but MamaBargains you may have just a few hours.

My first purchase was an Itty Bitty Bubble Statement Necklace.  Right after I ordered it, they redesigned their website and lost my order history so it was a surprise as when it would arrive.  But it did in all its hot pink glory! Right now there is a lot of Halloween decor, which is not my favorite holiday, but I am looking forward to Christmas.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Christmas decorations. But that obsession deserves its own blog post.

I haven’t ordered from MamaBargains yet – I do tend to like to think about things and I get nervous to just rack up the credit card.  But I am sure I won’t be able to resist for long.


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