Veggies covered in chocolate

My son, the super picky eater, is also super tiny.  He has always been.  He has tracked at the bottom of the weight and height charts from day one. For a while, we tried the “this is what’s for dinner” approach to dinner time melt downs, but he is just too tiny for that strategy.  We now struggle to find him anything that he is even willing to eat that has nutritional value.

My latest attempt was Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious Brownies.  While she did receive some flack for her cookbook, I don’t think the court system ever found her guilty…  The recipes are pretty good!  Basically, her concept is to sneak some pureed fruits and veggies into recipes that kids would love.  The brownie recipe includes pureed carrots and spinach. I think the biggest challenge to baking is having the right proportions of dry and wet ingredients.  Because the pureed fruits and veggies have so much liquid, it is nice to have a recipe with that balance all worked out for you.

They came out pretty well.  Enough chocolatey, but not too sweet.  Very moist!

Soon I will be starting to make baby food for Miss Amelia and will have lots more pureed fruits and veggies on hand!  When we get to meat, I might try to sneak some pureed chicken into his mac and cheese too!

Here is where I should insert a picture of the blond wonder devouring his brownie.  I even told him he could eat the brownie BEFORE dinner if I could take his picture…  No doing today… Maybe the next recipe!


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