Making new friends

Today I had lunch with a new colleague.  She started just about the time I went on maternity leave so we just started working together.  I first met her during our opening fall forum.  She came right up to me and was so excited that I also had a new baby.  It took me a while to get acclimated back to work, but I finally had an excuse to email her about something actually work related and invited her to lunch.

I am almost 40 years old (almost – but not yet!) and I was nervous about meeting colleague for lunch – because really it was about making a new friend.  I was nervous.  About what I was choosing for food, where we sat.  What would talk about?  Work and kids of course!  It was easy and comfortable!

It is nice to have other mom friends, especially about the same age as yours.  Other woman you can talk about stuff – doctors appointments, sleeping patterns, how to get them to eat their vegetables!

Maybe I made a new friend today!

Here is where I would insert a picture of my new friend…  but that would just be weird, wouldn’t it?


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