Chocolate cookies

Connor and I did a lot of baking this summer while I was home on maternity leave.  Amelia was a fairly good napper so baking was an activity that we could do together in nice small chunks.  It didn’t always work out perfectly, but sometimes it did!

No-Bake Energy Bites were a favorite snack for a while.  And just when I think I have a winner he changes his mind!  Found on Pintrest, these were a nice change of pace and gave me a lot of flexibility in the recipe.  When I am cooking for Connor, I am trying to get in as many healthy things as well as making them high calorie.  I used wheat germ instead of flax seed.  I love flax seed as an option for the grown ups because it is so low in carbs.  But we want this boy to have all the carbs!

The kicker for Connor was the chocolate chips!  Then I could call them chocolate cookies.  It is all in the marketing!

And then Ali Ebright from over there at gimme some oven added a twist to the recipe – PUMPKIN No Energy Bites!  I might make these just for me!

Clearly I need to take pictures of the food I make…  I will work on that!


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