Farm Life

We were able to take a few days off this week.  While, I had hoped we could get a way for a few days, my husband isn’t ready to leave the compound until the 9 cords of wood we got this spring are cut, split and stacked.  But we did manage to have a little fun.
Sunday night we went out to dinner by ourselves and it wasn’t even our anniversary!  We went to The Farm Table at Kringle Candle.  Kringle Candle was started by the same family that started Yankee Candle many years ago in Deerfield, Ma.  They sold the company for a yachtful of money (that is way more than a boatload!) After the non-compete clause expired, the opened a new place a few miles up the road.

Sunday night we headed to the Farm Table for dinner.  We didn’t have reservations – oops! So we sat in the bar.  But that meant we had a pub table and had to sit closer together.  The restaurant is just beautiful.  Every detail well thought out and just build on the rustic simplicity brand they are clearly embracing. Their goal is to really focus on local food.

Staff was great!  Wonderful customer service. I am sure it didn’t hurt that the owner Mick Kittredge was behind the bar!

But the food was PHENOMENAL!  I started with the pumpkin spiced martini.  It is not you average go to drink – definitely a special occasion kind of libation.  But soooooo yummy! Essentially pumpkin pie in a glass.

Then for dinner we started with salads.  Kevin started with the Farm Table salad and I had the Native Pear, Bleu Cheese and Candied Walnut Salad.  Kevin’s wasn’t all that exciting, but that is what you get for keeping it simple.  Mine was wonderful.   For dinner, I had a Butternut risotto and Kevin had a brick oven pizza.  Again – phenomenal!  I added the Goat Cheesecake for dessert with some after dinner coffee.  But in the end it was just too much and I ended up with such a stuffed tummy I was uncomfortable.  One of the neat options is that they have small and large sizes of almost everything on their menu except for the pizzas.  I should have stuck to the small size so I could fit it all in!

They do have a kids menu and we did see several families with young kids, but I am not going to take mine there anytime soon.  All in all the bill for just the two off crossed the $100 line.  Too much for kiddos who will rarely eat what is on their plate.  And it was far too romantic to share with them!

We certainly hope to go back again!


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