Love my candles!

Previously I posted that we went to The Farm Table at Kringle Candle.  Kringle Candle was started by the same family that started Yankee Candle many years ago in Deerfield, Ma.

I still prefer the Yankee candles.  Their flagship store is nearby and I LOVE their winter warehouse sale.  We stock up every year or so and just recently ran out of candle.  Kringle candle are all white and have a limited number of scents.  Although they are always adding new ones.  They also have two levels of fragrance so that you can get a milder level of scent if you prefer.  But I gotta say, I like the colorful candles and Yankee has way more scents.  And I just seem to prefer their scents.  Kringle scents just seem a bit synthetic.

But, both companies have fabulous flagship stores.  Kringle has a great toy store with lots of education and old fashioned toys.  Most have display models out so Connor had a blast playing with them when we went for a visit this summer.  And both have phenomenal Christmas decorations.

Kringle seems to have focused on the higher end of the candles and other goods they sell.  While Yankee is more affordable.  I think I will stick to Yankee for candles, but we certainly hope to go back to the Farm Table to eat!


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