Real Life Farming: garden clean up

I just love to garden!  I love almost all parts of it – the planting, the growing, even the weeding!  I love the flowers, the colors, even the vegetables.  This past summer was pretty low key since I knew I would be having a c-section at the beginning of the summer.  No new plants, no annuals and only one tomato plant! Here is a highlight from last summer:

Stone wall my lovely husband built!

This year, I haven’t been able to get in there too much.  I got a few hours of weeding here and there.  Lately,  we have been getting ready for winter.  There are still a few plants left blooming, but for the most part it is time to cut stuff back before the frost hits so we won’t have mushy green goo to clean out.

I cut back mostly everything that isn’t still blooming or should be left alone, like the lavender.  That I only trimmed back the dead stuff.

All cleaned out

There is still a lot of color left!  But a hard freeze is expected tonight so I am sure that most of this will turn to mush.


And then out of the blue (or pink!) a rose pops out!  Who knew!


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