Over the years we have cultivated a small strawberry patch.  It didn’t start out that way.  My husband built a small raised bed for asparagus.  And then I threw in a few strawberry plants and some garlic too.  The strawberry plants thrived, the others didn’t.  So my husband added two more raised beds to try the asparagus again.  All that grew were weeds!

The weeds won this year!

So this year I decided to clean it all out.  Our strawberry crop was just okay this year.  I had just had a c section so I wasn’t too concerned about it.  But when I was feeling a little better I went to town with the weeding in late June.  The idea with strawberries is that you cultivate the runners, the off shoots, to grow new plants and those new plants grow the berries.  So I weeded it all out and tried to get things going again.  And then it didn’t rain for a month and a half and everything turned to dust!

Now I will try again!  I have cleaned it out again, knowing full well that nothing is probably going to grow.  I was able to dig up several old plants and replanted them in one of the smaller beds, covering them with straw to protect them from the cold.

Two of the beds

Then my mom told me she was ordering strawberry plugs and offered to get me some.  She ended up putting in 125 or so and gave me 25, which was plenty to fill up the empty beds. Basically they are just the baby plants that you put in in the fall and by spring you get a whole new crop of bigger plants!

Strawberry plugs

Since the beds had already been cleaned out from my thorough weeding, it was easy to pop them in.

New strawberry plants in the raised beds

And then cover them with straw.  They will stay pretty green even covered in snow if they don’t get exposed directly to the winter air. We didn’t have much snow last year and they really got hit hard.  But the straw adds a whole other level of protection.

Straw covered beds

Now we just have to wait until JUNE!


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