The sweetest things

Connor, now three, is at that age when he is really able to express himself verbally, instead of just repeating back what he has heard.  That creativity is remarkable.

Sunday morning, Daddy was lamenting the injury of a certain baseball player.  Connor piped up, “That’s okay Daddy.  We will find the perfect gift to sent to that man to make him feel better.”

But still some of those silly “babyism” stick.  He calls peanuts “beats”.  We don’t know why.

Everything will happen “in three days”. Maybe that is only funny if you hear him say it all the time!

He wouldn’t eat dinner the other night because “it is too tasty”.

He has called Amelia “Baby Sister” since the ultrasound…

After planting the strawberries he told them to “just get growy”!  That is my favorite!

My handsome boy!


One thought on “The sweetest things

  1. Porter went through this phase when everything was going to happen “in two weeks.” We figured out that it came from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book–the caterpillar is in his cocoon for two weeks. Nowadays, everything that has ever happened in the past happened “yesterday.” Even if it was just 30 seconds ago! Kids are so funny!

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