Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

Last weekend, in the 15 minutes that Amelia was willing to nap, Connor and I whipped up a batch of these!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes.

I will admit that I picked the recipe from the bazillion on pinterest and the internet because it called for one can of pumpkin and one bag of chocolate chips.  Nothing worse than having left overs!  Well, mainly when it comes to the canned pumpkin. Connor would have loved to have some left over chocolate chips!

I always make my cookies too big and never quite end up with the quantity that the recipe tells you it will make and it did make a lot!  I sent a big box to the sitters as well as having plenty at home.  Next time I might add some more chocolate chips though.  There are TWO sticks of butter that I whipped into a frenzy and it was tricky to evenly distribute the chocolate chips in the batter.  Occasionally you might get a cookie that doesn’t have as many chips – thus I think we should just add MORE next time.

I was willing to make a cookie recipe that had more sugar in it because of the pumpkin.  I was feeling like I was only making recipes that were so healthy and Connor was only eating one or two and I had way too much left over.  And we all know what happens to left over cookies (mama’s tummy!)

The verdict: Both the sitter and I LOVED them!  Connor, not so much.  I had to force him to eat just one.  hmmm…  just more for mama’s tummy…

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


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