Making baby food

One of my favorite kinds of cooking is making baby food!  I did it for my son and learned as I went along.  Now I am a little more prepared with my daughter and hope to experiment a bit more.  I decided to start food with her a little earlier because she is not a big fan of the bottle and it is an opportunity for Daddy to feed her.

I have used Wholesome Baby Food as a guide for when to start various foods.  Our family doctor was much more liberal – fruits at 4 months, veggies at 6 months and meat at 8 months. I also got the book Super Baby Food for Christmas last year from my husband!  I told him to after I saw my imaginary friend Katie’s blog about it over at Marriage Confessions.

Peeling and cutting!

Peeling and cutting! Photo credits go to Connor

Basically for the early stages, I cook whatever it is – fruit, veggies or meat – to DEATH!  I boil fruits and veggies and grill ground meats.

Boiling pears

Boiling pears

I let things cool a bit before I stick them in the blender and puree it into oblivion!  Sometimes I just let the blender run for a minute beyond oblivion to get it nice and creamy.  I have tried two different food processors, but I found the blender just did a better job, as long as you have enough liquid to get it going.

Sometimes I use the water I just boiled the fruit or veggie in, except for carrots.  You are supposed to use fresh water.  This time I have been adding more breast milk instead of water.  I have way too much milk in the freezer and it is a good way to get more milk into her.  I used breast milk when I would puree meat too.  It makes it nice and creamy.

Blending and freezing

Blending and freezing

I try and make big batches so I have a wide variety at hand.  I have found a variety of baby food trays out there.  These are my favorite.  They make a nice size and have covers to keep them safe in the freezer.  After they are solid, usually overnight or 24 hours at least, I pop them out and store them back in the freezer in plastic bags marked with the food and the date with a sharpie.


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