Amelia’s wardrobe

I LOVE my son.  I was thrilled to have a baby boy and to give my husband a son.  But the clothes shopping…  First of all, there is easily twice as many girl options than boy options in any major retail store.  And boys stuff is only cute for the first year or so.  Fortunately my little guy got to wear the infant clothes for a couple of year.  But after that, they just suck!

So when we decided to have Baby #2, it is no secret I wanted a girl – for the clothes shopping alone! But this baby grows like a weed!  She is outgrowing my favorite outfits before my eyes.  I am tucking them away because my cousin just had an ultrasound and found out her baby #3 is of the pink variety.  I am thrilled to have someone to share Amelia’s clothes with.  But while she she still fits in things I like to “document the outfits”!

Amelia's Wardrobe

Amelia’s Wardrobe


2 thoughts on “Amelia’s wardrobe

  1. I am going to have to get reallll creative to keep my nephew looking cute- you’re right, boys clothes just get dull. And his parents aren’t sports people or truck people so we’re stuck with just animals and anything at all we can find music related. Ugh.

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