High 5 for Friday

My real life friend Stephanie also does a  High 5 for Friday posts and she links up to From My Grey Desk too!


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1. A little bit of family time.  Not as much as I would like, but some.

My boys

My boys

2. Hurricane holidays.  I am lucky enough to work in education and we get days off for bad weather.  And luckily the storm didn’t hit too badly. Two days off this week!

3. These…  a Halloween treat for daycare was just an excuse!



4. My bunnies! Neither my husband and I are big fans of Halloween.  We could care less about the horrible decorations and I hate any of the scary stuff.  It has been really important to me to make it fun for our kids. We have a great neighborhood for trick or treating.  Our next door neighbors counted 320 trick or treaters.  This year Connor LOVED it!  He really got into it and did really well.  I was so proud of him.

Ruby and Max

5. My husband started fires in the wood stove!  I love that we heat with wood.  Not only is it super cheap, but our stove just gets the house so nice and warm!  I wish it wasn’t so time consuming for my husband to cut, split and stack wood, but he swears he enjoys it.

Happy Friday!


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