The laundry with two small children is just never ending.  I can easily do up to 10 loads a week.  Yes, I said TEN! Yes, I probably make it worse for myself.  I am very picky about the whole mess…  the sorting, the temperature cycles, never mind the folding…  And yes, I have redone loads that I didn’t like how my husband had done beforehand.

And there is really only time on the weekend.  Do we remember fondly, when we were single and we picked one good “tv night” to do laundry. I liked Thursdays – from Friends all the way through to ER.  One evening, all the laundry and some good tv and I was done for the week.

Fast forward to Sunday.  The baby is waking up from her nap, the boy really needs a nap and the laundry needs to get done.  Our fairly new highly electronic washing machine can take up to three hours when I do a load through the sanitize cycle which is the load up next.  All those sheets, towels and cloth napkins needs some serious germ control and I would rather use the lengthy washer cycle that bleach the hell out of ’em like I used to do.

Anyway……  back to kids are screaming…   And screaming loudly.  I am trying to transfer one load into the dryer.  Clothes are a tangled mess and I probably overstuffed this load anyway.  I have one load left.  I hastily shove it into the washing machine without untangling the sheets and towels from each other while trying to calm the screaming toddler from the basement (who happens to be screaming about his screaming sister).

Later they have both fallen asleep and I head back down.  Then I realize that I just put an large unopened box of dryer sheets through the washing machine.  I had tossed them in the basket to go down to the basement when I unpacked the shopping bags in the morning. Did I mention I bought the largest box?  That is like $4 literally down the drain.

Do I add one to the dryer  now?


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