High 5 for Friday

My real life friend Stephanie does these cool High 5 for Friday posts! And she links up to From My Grey Desk.


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1.  I ordered a couple of stocking stuffers online.  I love stockings!

2.  I might have also ordered a couple of bubble necklaces for me – but they were two for one…

White and taupe bubble necklaces!

White and taupe bubble necklaces!

3.  I was able to participate in a diversity training seminar that was very moving.  Challenging, but important for our community.

4. Amelia has learned to bounce in her bouncer!  It is just the cutest thing!  Bouncing for Connor always made him laugh.  She will bounce no matter what – even if she is mad… which is kind of funny!



5. Friday meeting out of the office! Wahoo! I learned some new video editing tricks.  Time to dust off that video camera 🙂 I sort of got all cranky after I learned how to use imovie and at the same time discovered I could never afford to own a mac.

Happy Friday!


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