Happy Birthday Honey!

The FORTY things I love about my husband!

40. He makes us dinner every night!

39. He even does the grocery shopping.

38. He makes us recycle even though I don’t like too.

37. He has a beautiful smile.

36. And adorable dimples.

35. He is a very involved father.

with Amelia

with Amelia

34. He picks the kids up at 1 pm from the sitter’s every day.

33.  He cuts, splits and stacks all of our wood to heat our whole house all winter long.

Our wood!

Our wood!

32. He gardens with me.

31. He loves to go to the ocean too.

My boys

My boys

30. He read all the Harry Potter books because I made him.

29. He is a die hard Yankees fan even though he lives in the heart of Red Sox country.

Connor's first Yankee game

Connor’s first Yankee game

28. He is a great dresser!

27. He even does a great job picking out clothes for me.

26. He watches cheesy sitcoms with me.

25. He will paint the walls in our house whatever color I tell him too.

24. He will tackle any home improvement project regardless if he knows what he is doing.

Replacing windows

Replacing windows

23. He loves cats!

22.  He still reads the newspaper.

21.  He loves the color blue, you know, Yankee blue and it matches his eyes.

20.  He reads stories to our kids every night.

A long time ago!

A long time ago!

19. He understands that we will never own a dog and seems to be okay with that.

18.  He takes better photos than I do.

17. He makes me eat my vegetables.

16.  He loves to be physically active and makes sure that Connor is too.



15. He does soooooooooo much around the house.  I can always count on him.

14. He puts the toilet seat down.

13. He no longer complains about my need to have a bazillion bathroom products.

12. He built a retaining wall to make a large part of our yard level because that is the spot I wanted to put the swing set for the kids.



11. Then he built the swing set all by himself!

10. He is so respectful of his family.

9.  He calls his parents every Sunday.

8.  He has really great ideas about redecorating/redesigning our home.

7.  He owns a red truck because his dad did when he was growing up.

6. He has a really cool job and he is REALLY good at it!

5. He loves to drive and never complains that I hate to.

4. He goes along with making a big deal about the holidays because it is important to me for our kids.

3. He loves to burn candles – he says he is just “using them up”.

2. He makes beautiful babies!

Our babies

Our babies

1. He married me!

I love you honey!  Happy Birthday!


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