Postpartum hormones

They are kicking my butt lately.  With the first baby, the icky stuff started during my third trimester so I was prepared and proactive.  The second time around, it didn’t hit me until after I was home for a few weeks.  There was a lot of yelling and kicking my mother out.  I took care of things and thought I was going to be okay.


To make matters worse – not only do I feel icky – but my face is breaking out worse than when I was a teenager and I figure I have lost about a third of my hair!  So I look great too!

This time there is the added bonus of anxiety.  I have never really had to deal with this much before so it was a bit of a surprise.  It gets much worse the more caffeine I drink.  But the baby is still waking up all through the night to eat so I am not giving that up anytime soon.

So I have been a tad bit crankier lately.  I am back on track and things will get better.

It is really a wonder we choose to have kids at all.  It is a good thing these babies are so gosh darn cute!




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