My favorite part of the holiday week was spending time with other family members who also have children Connor and Amelia’s age.  I usually only see them once a year so I don’t expect them to have any seriously long last relationships.  But it it nice to get the kiddos together to play and talk to other parents who have kids the same age. Evelyn and Casey’s dad is my mother’s first cousin.

Evelyn, Casey and Connor

Evelyn, Casey and Connor

Casey and Connor are only a few weeks apart.  They are just about the same size, both tiny.  And equally dislike sharing!

Blurry three year olds!

Blurry three year olds!

Then we headed to New York with a three year old and a 6 month old.  What were we thinking????

More blurry three year olds!

More blurry three year olds!

Auntie Jeannie taught them how to do the turkey dance!
Eliza and Eva are my step father’s first cousin’s daughter’s kids.  I am pretty sure that means we are not really even related, but it is fun to call them cousins anyway!

Sweet girls!

Sweet girls! Eliza and Amelia

But the star of the show is the newest beautiful girl, Eva.  She came into the world 6 weeks early after her mama spent 12 weeks and 4 days in the hospital keeping her safe and sound.  She gets the Mama of the Year award!

Sweet Eva

Sweet Eva


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