6 months!

Last week, our sweet Amelia officially turned 6 months old.  How time flies when the baby is outside of the belly!

I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People.  She does them pretty regularly for her son Porter.

What Amelia is Wearing These Days:

  • 6 to 9 month clothes!
  • Size 4 diapers.
  • No shoes and socks for as long as she keeps them on… approximately 3.5 seconds.
Amelia's tutu!

Amelia’s tutu!

What Amelia is Eating:

  • Lots and lots of mommy milk.  But mostly from me.  She is still not a big fan of the bottle.
  • Homemade baby food: apples, pears, green beans, bananas, squash and sweet potatoes with a little cereal and milk

What Amelia Likes These Days:

  • Soft toys to chew on, like her terry cloth dolly.
  • Chewing on her brother’s toys.
  • Watching her brother.  She has got her eye on him all the time!
  • Eating!  Which is great since she won’t take the bottle much…
Please ignore the squash stains....

Please ignore the squash stains….

What Amelia Doesn’t Like These Days:

  • Going longer than 2 hours without nursing… all night long… See above comments on not taking the bottle…
  • Sleeping in her co-sleeper.  She wants to be in bed with us.

What Amelia is Doing:

  • Bouncing!  She loves her bouncer.  She can even turn it so she can see what is going on in a different part of the room.
  • Rolling over and pushing herself up on her arms to watch what we are doing
  • Sitting up – sort of… She can get herself up from a reclined position, but can’t hold herself up for very long.



What We Are Working On:

  • Getting new car seats.  She has quickly outgrown her bucket seat.  I can’t get her straps on with her coat on, never mind her snowsuit!
  • Maybe moving her out of the co-sleeper and our room and into her crib and her own room.  I had thought we might last a bit longer, but this mama is tired!

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