Our advent calendar

I sewed this from a kit when Kevin and I were first married.  It was a leap of faith before we had kids.  I have had a love/hate relationship with Christmas.  Too much money, too much extended family obligations.  But I love the decorations!  I think I have always decorated, not matter what as long as I lived on my own.

Quilted advent calendar

Quilted advent calendar

When I started, it was just the two of us and the pockets were just perfect for two pieces of candy.  Now that there are three treats in there, the pockets are getting kind of tight. I have tried to get our favorites – peanut butter cups for Kevin, candy cane kisses for me and a combination of Christmas chocolates for Connor. Amelia is still way too young for candy, but what am I going to do next year???

To try and reduce the candy consumption, I tried to add book last year.  On the weekends, there are little paper books I made from scrapbook paper that represent one of the Christmas books we already own that I have wrapped up.  So when we get to a day with a paper book in the calendar, Connor can unwrap one of the books!  I had seen other pinteresty ideas about 24 books, but we didn’t have than many so I tried to space it out over the month.

I love all the advent ideas, but if I get too many going it will take us all day just to get through them all!


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