High 5 for Friday

My real life friend Stephanie also does a  High 5 for Friday posts and she links up to From My Grey Desk too!


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1.   Amelia is starting to make raspberries!  My goal for Christmas break is to embed a video of such cuteness!

Smiling girl!

2.   I finally made some serious progress on a family project I have been working in since last year.  The BIG issue is time alone with two free hands and I got some of that on Sunday.  Next step – a trip to Micheal’s!

3.   Finally dropped off some of Connor’s stuff at a local consignment shop.  One box was Connor’s crib bedding…  *sniff*  And then picked up more stuff for them too! Adorable Christmas dress for Amelia – got home and read the tag 100% cashmere!

Cute boy!

Cute boy!

4.   Amelia is sleeping in her crib!  Not in our room!  Bittersweet really…  In fact, I haven’t taken down the co-sleeper yet.  And she is still waking up a couple of times during the night, but only a couple of times, versus every 30 minutes to eat.

5.   There are currently no broken appliances in the house!
I probably just jinxed it, didn’t I?

Happy Friday!


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