We are not exactly impulsive types.  We like to have a plan, we like to think about the plan.  And then we get cranky if someone else tries to change the plan.  So to put in for a week vacation in Florida just a month away is very impulsive for us!

My husband’s company has a house in Florida that they allow their building managers to use for a week at a time.  It is a great little house, lots of bedrooms and very close to the gulf coast beach.  We had the opportunity to go there when I was pregnant with Connor after my husband’s boss gave him a week for essentially an employee of the year award.  It was awesome!  Except for the stingray part…  Yes, early May is stingray mating season.  Keep that in mind the next time you go to the ocean!

There are stingrays in there!

There are stingrays in there!

It was a great vacation for us to take when I was pregnant.  Our last time together just as a couple.  And the swimming and water were great on my belly!  You should have seen that maternity bathing suit!  But you won’t… Not ever! We spent a lot of time at the beach despite doctors orders to keep my foot out of the ocean and in the pool at the house.

So, it turns out that no one had booked the house for a few weeks in January and the corporate office sent out an email to see if there were any takers.  We asked for a week – and we got one!  So in mid January, we are taking an infant and a toddler on a plane to Florida!  I am equally excited and terrified!

The beautiful pool

The beautiful pool

Why the photos are dated for February – I have no idea?!?  We were there in May.  But we were new users to the digital camera at that point.

I can’t wait to go back!  It will be so much fun to share that experience with our kids.  And this time around I can enjoys a tropical cocktail or two! Do we dare plan a trip to Disney?

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