Elfie Update!

I finally started to up my game with Elfie.  You can only move him from one hanging plant to another so many times.

This past weekend, Elfie arrived with a package and a letter.  Elfie is really much more creative on the weekends.  He is just way too tired on the week days!  Thanks to Pinterest, really what else does a mom need for creative ideas, Elfie arrived with some magic seeds and instructions for planting.

Seeds and instructions

Seeds and instructions

After perusing the MULTITUDE of elf ideas, the one thought that kept popping in my mind was what one is supposed to do in these crazy creative scenarios with the elf if the #1 rule is that you can’t touch him.  Have you seen the photos online of the elf sitting on the toilet?  How does that work exactly?  I guess you have to have too many bathrooms in your house to put one out of commission for the whole day.  We are a one bathroom household so that isn’t even an option!  Anyway!  I put Elfie, I mean, Elfie landed in a bowl that could hold the seeds and note that we could slide out and then I could move Elfie around the kitchen because he was still contained in the bowl.  Genius!

Elfie in the bowl!

Elfie in the bowl!

While the note contained instructions to plant the magic seeds in sugar, it also included some behavior modification suggestions as well.  Any leverage we can get!

Connor did an AWESOME job planting the seeds.  He was very careful and poked them all right in.  He did try and taste them first.  I guess he suspected that they might really be tic tacs!  He was very careful to poke them all in there and cover them up.  There was one small snafu – he wanted to water them!  Oh dear, what a mess that would have been.  Somehow I talked him out of it!

Opening the magic seeds... tic tacs!

Opening the magic seeds… tic tacs!

Amelia supervises!

Amelia supervises!

Planting magic seeds

Planting magic seeds

Low and behold the magic seeds grew into candy canes!  He was so excited.  And of course I let him have one for breakfast.  I am such a sucker for a happy boy!

Candy canes grew!

Candy canes grew!

I must have bought that snowflake stationary ten years ago.  I have been waiting a long time for these kiddos!  I am so excited for this holiday season.


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