High 5 for Friday

Sometimes, my real life friend Stephanie also does a  High 5 for Friday posts and she links up to From My Grey Desk too!


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1.  I brought Connor Christmas shopping last weekend.  Just the two of us!  It was the first time he and I have had just time together since his sister was born last May.

2.  We brought the kiddos down the park to see Santa again – this time a little more up close and Connor even brought him a letter.  I had to hand it to him and he never let go of my leg, but it was closer than when we saw him fly in on a helicopter.  Poor Amelia will never have any pictures with Santa at this rate!

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

Checking out Santa

Checking out Santa (Amelia is in my left arm)

3.  Amelia’s 6 month appointment was great.  She checked in in the high 20% for both height and weight.  That is GIGANTIC in our little family!

Check out that belly!

Check out that belly!

4.  She is doing a great job sitting up, playing with toys and going after her brother’s toys.  She can make some serious progress across that floor on that belly!

Playing like a rockstar!

Playing like a rock star!

5.  We did some Christmas decorating.  Not the tree, but the everything else.  I *might* have a small obsession with garland…

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

    • A few weeks ago we went to Yankee Candle where he arrived on a helicopter and got up on stage before kids could go see him. It was just the perfect amount of distance!

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