Connor is THREE and a HALF!

I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People.  Because she is awesome! Her son Porter is just a few weeks older than Connor and he is going to be a big brother too!

What Connor is Wearing These Days:

He is wearing 2T pants and overalls, as long as they have the adjustable waist bands. Okay not for the overalls! His 18 month pants still fit his waist well, but they are a tad on the short side. We have still kept a few as back up pants….

He is wearing 3T shirts. Yes, the 2T shirts fit fine, but I figure that if we buy 3T, they will last longer. He can wear larger shirts without it being a safety issue like pants that our too big. That goes the same for jamas!

Size 5 diapers…. oh well…



What Connor is Eating:

This is by far our biggest challenge – getting Connor to eat! We have had to completely stop the whole “this is what is for dinner – take it or leave it” and we will make him anything he is willing to eat. These options are limited… well, except for Halloween candy. He is always up for that!

This past week he has been willing to try TWO new things! This in itself is a FREAKIN’ miracle! Eggnog and blueberry breakfast sausage. Thus he has had eggnog and blueberry breakfast sausage everyday this week! I have really tried him to recognize that Mommy and Daddy have asked him to try these new foods because they are yummy and maybe he would like more new things that we offer him. I am not holding my breathe….

What Connor is Saying:

Some Connorisms…

Santa says “Yo Ho Ho”

He is hating potty training. When we ask if he needs to use the potty, his response is “My pants are being fine!”

He is addicted to eggnog, but sometimes he calls it “eggwood”.

He is “scared” of things that he doesn’t want to do. Like using the potty…

What Connor Likes These Days:

Rocket ships and a plastic elephant that he got as a prize for using the potty.

As always Cars and Thomas!

All this Christmas and Santa. He wishes us Merry Christmas, or sometimes Happy Christmas, several times a day. Every morning , he asks if Santa has brought him presents yet.



What Connor Doesn’t Like These Days:

Using the potty…. oh my…

The dark… Or even having the lights off in a room during the day. We are using a lot of electricity over here!

The big guy himself. Including a plastic light up one that I had as a kid and took from my parents house.

What Connor is Doing:

Holding it!

Reaching light switches. Sometimes he only needs an inch or two to reach and he uses pillows to stand on and reach the wall switch.

Bouncing on the bed while we are trying to get dressed!

Playing with his sister! The other morning he was in her co-sleeper making her laugh!

What We Are Working On:

Potty training… are you sensing a theme here?

Eating food – any food!

Thank goodness he is so cute!

Thank goodness he is so cute!


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