High 5 for Friday

It has been a while since I have done a High 5 for Friday post, but it seemed like a good day to start again!
My real life friend Stephanie also does a  High 5 for Friday posts and she links up to From My Grey Desk too!
Unfortunately there are no new pictures to share.  The home laptop crashed AGAIN…


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1.  Christmas happened!  It was chaotic and busy the day of, but the rest of the vacation had a nice balance of down time and visiting with friends and family. It is just the best when you have little kids.  Connor had a great time.  Amelia was a little over stimulated, but it will be better for her next year.

2. We found someone to feed the cats while we go on vacation!  We struggle with asking the same people to help us out time after time.  We love our cats, but geezum, when are they going to learn to make their own dinners?

3.  Connor has started to sing songs!  We always have music playing and such, but I have never been much into kids music.  And Connor used to freak out if you tried to sing certain songs, like the ABC song.  But he has fallen in love with Frosty the Snowman and has been trying to learn the different verses and figure out what order they go in.  It is so much fun!

4.  I got back on the elliptical!  Of course, I have only managed once so far this week.  It was on vacation for a few years while we were doing some house renovations and didn’t have a place for it and then it was broken and needed to be fixed.  But we found a place for it – the living room, which doesn’t make much decor sense…  but it is repaired back inside the house and I actually used it!

5. And it is a short work week!  Love midweek holidays!

Happy Friday!


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