I have no resolutions…

I have no resolutions… I have made them in the past.  Really, I have.  The usual ones of course, eating and sleeping better, the dreaded exercise!  But in reality I have never been able to keep that kind of healthy behavior up, regardless of the time of year, January or not.

For a couple of years I had the “try something new” resolution which I think I did okay with.  But I couldn’t tell you what it is that I did that was new and exciting for any of those years.

A few years ago, I tried to make a family resolution.  To do one “family fun” thing once a month.  I think we lasted two months.

Last year it was boring adult stuff – make a will and get more life insurance.  Try as I can, I couldn’t get my husband on board.  He knows that both are important, but both cost money and he is cheap.

This year, they are his resolutions!  But I am not holding my breath.  But I will keep trying!

This year, just keep on doing what we are doing.  Being a better mom, spending more family time together.  Just being us.

Also – learn to type resolution correctly, the first time.

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5 thoughts on “I have no resolutions…

  1. the only resolution message that ever meant anything to me started with… If I have only one year to live, this is what I want to do… I did this only once, but it was the year we bought the lake house, I got a job as heading a non-profit, but I didn’t lose the weight.

    So, looking at resolutions with this prospective, I too need to think of planning for another will, and I wish I could afford serious life insurance. Lack of life insurance is huge financial regret. But we do have the house and Harry’s family, if need be. Love ya

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