Flying with kids…

The Dos and Don’ts of flying with a toddler and a baby…

1. Do start working out about three months before your first flight.  This has nothing to do with wearing a bathing suit.

2. Don’t try and imagine all that will go wrong while flying.  You can’t even imagine.

3. Do pack a thermometer and infant Tylenol.

4. Don’t forget the Dramamine!

5. Do also pack toddler strength Tylenol for the return flight!

6. Don’t  forget to pack extra clothes to replace the vomit covered and diaper blowouts ones!

7. Do keep the carryons to a minimum and check as much as you can!

8. Don’t bother to bring toys to entertain the kids.  They are too busy spiking fevers, getting air sick and blowing out diapers.

9. Do remember your running shoes to bolt across the airport when your initial flight is delayed and you are trying to make one of the 4700 connecting flights your husband booked! Refer to #1 and #7.

10. Don’t ever think about going on vacation again…

Right after the trip down

Right after the trip down


4 thoughts on “Flying with kids…

  1. Start them early and they don’t mind flying, we flew with a 9m DD and she’s been a star ever since, we also tap ribbon to new crayons and have a colouring book, priceless but don’t expect you’re other paper media not to get covered


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