Squeezing in the fun!

We had a great opportunity to go to Florida a with some free housing so we took it! It really was a great week, except for the flying part.  We knew that the weather was going to be good for the first part of the week so we really front loaded the outside touristy stuff .  Although we did still get some brief pool and beach time in at the end of the week.

Almost as soon as we arrived, we dug out the bathing suits and headed into the heated pool.  It was GREAT! It is just a little pool at the house, but plenty big enough for our little family. The first time in the pool was not a highlight for either kiddo, but it cooled us off.

Then I met a friend that Kevin went to college with.  They happen to live in Sarasota wand we generous enough to let us borrow their pack and play for Amelia to sleep in. Their little boy Brooks is just shy of 2 and he and Connor had a blast together.

Sunday we got to hang with another one of Kevin’s college friends who also has a little boy who is Connor’s age.  I met them on our first trip down to Florida when I was pregnant with Connor and she had just had their little boy.  Thanks to Facebook we get to keep in touch with them and it was great to get the boys together in person!

Because they are Florida year round and have a pool at their house, Connor about to see their son’s swimming first hand and I learned some tricks to help keep him afloat.  I tried to bring Amelia in the pool again, but she still wasn’t having it.  But we did get a chance to debut the pink tutu bathing suit!

Pink tutu

Pink tutu

It was a great start to our vacation! Stay tuned for more details!


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