Highlights from the weekend

My little ole car passed inspection!  Holding it together and hopefully replacing it next fall with something a little sturdier.  We still have a few more payments on Kevin’s car.  But my husband doesn’t want to trade in mine, but hold onto to it like we did his truck.  We held on to his truck because it has great utility – it can haul around stuff and get me stuff like mulch!  But my little itty bitty corolla has no utility value.  I just want it gone when we get the chance.  Besides I think three vehicles is enough for one family!

Amelia’s second tooth broke through!  Which means it is probably not the best time to let her CIO and help Mommy get some sleep, but geezum I am tired… I did get FIVE whole hours in a hour on Friday night so I can pretty much move mountains this week!

She will also be hitting the 8 month mark this week and we are trying out some new foods – puffs and yogurt! We tried the puffs Saturday night during dinnertime.  It gave her something to do while I used two hands to eat my dinner.  It was pretty funny.  I don’t think she got any of them in her mouth, but the floor was covered.  Yep – it was a wild Saturday night around these parts!

I have given up on potty training.  I just don’t think he is ready yet.  We have been trying and trying with different methods for over six months.  He says things like – I hate the potty or I am scared of potties.  I am done.  The RAs in college can potty train him!

Kevin completed part one of a project inspired from Pinterest!  I will post pictures when I am done – just the final project though.  He is working on it in the basement and it is too cold to go down there and take pictures.

Beaching it!

Beaching it!

Oh and I did laundry……….  Wahoo!  Exciting stuff!


One thought on “Highlights from the weekend

  1. Natasha’s teething, too. I hear you on the whole “not the best time to CIO,” but yes, we are also tired. Puffs and Mum-Mums are a huge hit right now. So much so that Shelby (my almost 3-year-old) wants to eat them, too, and Natasha wants them instead of bottles. Um, no to both. Kids — sheesh.

    Shelby took a long time to potty train, too. Eventually she got it, although it was a bit by bit process. The only lightbulb moment we had was to give her privacy (for pooping). Now she goes like a champ. Crazy. Good luck — he’ll eventually get it.

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