I can’t believe he just said that!

Connor comes out with some pretty cute expressions, especially the grammatically funky ones. When he was super little I used to ask him ” do you want to walk or do you want me to carry you?” he usually replied “carry you”.

According to Connor, Santa says “You, ho, ho”.  Apparently he is part pirate!

Watching our language as parents is always a challenge.  I really don’t swear that much anyway.  As adult, I am finding it more and more uncomfortable.  Daddy needs a reminder once in a while!  So it was quite a surprise when Connor came out with “pain in the butt”!

At first it was just once.  I told him he couldn’t say it and he was done.

Then we went to Target… on a Friday night… when we tired and cranky.  We were buying huge boxes of diapers and two car seats and we had two carts, two kids and I was anxious to get in and out and home.

And he kept saying it.  And saying it… And what is a mother to do?  I threatened time out, but how do you do that it in the middle of Target?

We got in the car and he kept saying it!

We got home and on the way in the house, he said “I just can’t stop saying pain in the butt!”

So I spent 15 minutes explaining why it wasn’t appropriate for kids, how it wasn’t nice words and that he would need to go in time out if he said it again.

So he did!  AGAIN!

It could have been worse, right?

At least he is cute!

At least he is cute!


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