High 5 for Friday

Sometimes, my real life friend Stephanie also does a  High 5 for Friday posts and she links up to From My Grey Desk too!


Ann’s High 5 for Friday!

1. This week was about the teeth.  Amelia’s third tooth broke through. Connor had a great  first cleaning (second visit) no cavities! And my dentist appointment was on the house.

Still trying to get a picture of these teeth!

Still trying to get a picture of these teeth!

2. We have instituted a rose and a thorn at dinner. Well at least I am trying!

3. I have been able to have lunch with my friend Sarah almost every day this week.  We used to work together in a different office and she moved across campus and joined our division!  Yeah lunch with Sarah!

4. Connor asked to sit on the potty!!!!!!!!! This is HUGE!  We had given up and I only offer occasionally now.  It only happened once, but Daddy and I are both thrilled it happened at all!

Handsome boy with clean teeth!

Handsome boy with clean teeth!

5. I chose to take a personal day today with the impending storm.  Now, as I post this there isn’t a single flake and I am sort of feeling silly, but I am still in my jamas so that makes everything better!

Coffee and a fire!

Coffee and a fire!

Happy Friday!


One thought on “High 5 for Friday

  1. Yay for potty training!!! I am in the process of house training my dog (TOTALLY not the same thing… but I still that it’s a leeeetle similar), and I have a new respect for mamas. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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