The boy’s room

I though I might share a few projects around the house starting with one of my favorite rooms – Connor’s.

We actually didn’t start his nursery until well after he arrived.  In part, I was far too nervous that something was going to go wrong and we would lose him.  We had also planned to rebuild a room upstairs that had just been finished with paneling and we needed to complete that room before we could move up there and turn our then bedroom into a nursery.

It also took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted to do in there.  Of course, it then took forever because I had a baby to hold and take care of and it was a little bit difficult to wield a paintbrush while nursing!

The biggest inspiration was the quilt that Kevin’s grandmother made!

Changing table and quilt

Changing table and quilt

I knew I wanted to do lots of blue and white, but this quilt inspired me to pull in the yellow.

Crib and curtains

Crib and curtains

I had picked out the bedding pretty early on, which of course, I knew we use for only a short while.  I wanted his room to be more “little boy” that baby, in part because he wasn’t going to be a baby much longer, by the time we were through!

It is a fairly small room so I chose lots of light colors and then had fallen in love with the white stars stenciled on the light book in some decorating book I had bought.  The white for the bottom half, between the stripes and stars is the whitest white you can buy. We bought the stuff with the primer and did the whole room first.  I wish I could remember all the names and brands of the other colors, but you know… it was a while ago!  But, the medium blue was called dream spiral and used to be the color of the living room, the yellow is jonquil and is the color of the kitchen (and two other kitchens before it!) The dark blue… that is the official navy blue of the Yankees!



I spent a good deal of time on the furniture too.  This bookcase was one I adopted from my grandmother.  Note the Yankee light switch and the photo of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Toy box

Toy box

This is by far the favorite part of his room!  My father in law bought this ceder chest badly painted for about $15 at a yard sale.  It was already painted so I had no guilt about painting such a nice chest.  It took foreeeeeeever because it took so many coats and so many steps, but I love how it came out.  Unfortunately because it took so long, I never took the time to seal it with a gloss coat and there are many scratches on the top.  Even the ends are checker-boarded.

Now it looks like this!  There is a big boy bed where the crib used to be and a train/cars table where the changing table used to be.

Big boy bed

Big boy bed

A boy's toys

A boy’s toys

One of my husband’s listeners had also made a quilt that is bright primary colors which will be the inspiration for his next room.  But for now, I will hold on to those pale blues and white starts for a little while longer!


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