Valentine’s Day treat

So I found a really cool looking recipe for a treat on a blog… I pinned it… and then I MADE IT!

I know – crazy!

My real life friend Stephanie over at Sandpaper and Glue has challenged us to actually make the stuff we pinned! Check out her blog and great recipes.pinterest-food-challenge

I was checking out another cool Mommy Blog – Diana Rambles and saw her cute recipe for Valentine Candy Bark. I have had a similar plain bark in the past – a long time ago and have no idea if it is the same recipe.  I thought it was a nice alternative to the cookies or pretzel m & m treats I usually make and that it was super easy enough for Connor to help with.  So I bought the ingredients and went for it with the boy!

He, of course, refused to help when it came down to the actual cooking.   Ahhh… the attention span of a three and a half year old.  He supervised for a little while and then took off after I refused to let him have any more of the toppings!

So here it is!

Whole pan

Whole pan

Check out Diana’s recipe here!  I used a bunch of leftover Valentine’s Day decorations including red sugar, some broken up candy canes, a couple of boxes of conversation hearts, some kind of red licorice bites and a half a bag of cupid’s mix m & m’s.  I had also bought a bag of mini marshmallows, but didn’t need them.

broken up bark

broken up bark


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