Making Valentine’s Day Cards

For the past two years, the whole family came down with a horrible stomach bug on or around Valentine’s Day.  This year I tried to really plan ahead so I wasn’t stuck making cards while trying to keep down dinner.

During the weekend when Amelia went down for a nap, Connor and I grabbed the glue, paper and glitter and went to town!  It is more and more fun to do these sort of crafts with him now that he is building more skills.  He is a pro with the glue stick, but needed a little help with the glitter.  Okay – I did all the glittering… I am not crazy!

Our cards

Our cards

I have been making these over sized cards for a while and been saving them, tucked away in various locations.  Someday I hope to stick them all in a big scrap book.  You know, when I get to use two hands on a regular basis.  Not like now, when I am blogging with only one hand!

I definitely have super fond memories of a lot of art and crafting when I was little.  I hope that I can do the same with my kids.  And making these cards is a great way to chronicle his artistic development.

However, just for the family!  His friends at day care got gift bags with a pre-made Lightening McQueen card with a tattoo and a cute container of bubbles and heart shaped snacks.  Even so, it still took us some time to decide who got what cards and assemble the bags! Don’t worry I still made a snack to send to their party…

The contents

The contents

The bags assembled and ready to go!

The bags assembled and ready to go!


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