A wedding story

Saturday night we had the honor to attend our friends’ wedding.  It was truly an honor to be invited to attend their special day. I LOVE weddings and I especially love weddings when you know that the two people getting married are just perfect for each other.  Let’s be honest, we have all been to a wedding or two when you just cringe because you know that they are making a huge mistake and then only a few months later watch it crumble in divorce.

These two… meant to be!

I think in part we finagled an invitation because my husband offered to marry them.  He is a co-worker of the groom and offered to get the “one day only you can marry people license”.  The last two weddings we went to did the same thing and it is such a nice personal touch.  Their ceremony was simple and classic.  Just the basics.  Very sweet.

Getting hitched!

Getting hitched!

It was a nice small intimate affair held at a local restaurant.  The restaurant was a converted old town hall.  They had a beautiful old space with rich colors and big arches.  And then the food!!!!  It was some of the best wedding food I have ever had!  There were three stations – New England, Asian and Mediterranean.  I went back three times – one for each station! They had a signature pink drink which was super yummy and not too strong so I could have many of them!

The evening was also our date night for Valentine’s Day.  We really do not get out on our own very often so it was nice to have an evening without sippy cups and temper tantrums.

Lots of red!

Lots of red!

It was a nice combination of classical wedding vows with a few modern touches.  It makes me want to get married all over again – to the same person and all!

My man!

My man!

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