High five for Friday!

It has been a rough week.  Kevin has been super sick (not that he will admit it or anything!) after a very busy weekend.  I have had little time to sit at a computer as evidenced by a lack of a Tuesday post and a fairly lame photoless post on Thursday…

Ann’s High Five

  1. Yeah for presidents and their day off!
  2. Amelia’s fourth tooth broke through! However, she has also learned about biting…



  3. I have finally signed Connor up for swimming lessons. I took like six months and some serious scheduling but we did it.  We could only get in on Monday afternoon, but Kevin’s schedule can be flexible.

    The boy loved to swim!

    The boy loved to swim!

  4. I found a super cheap ipad cover for 50% off!  Wahoo!  I just couldn’t stomach spending $40 on one so I grabbed one hidden in the back of Target for $9.98.  It is black and completely boring, but CHEAP!
  5. Stay tuned for a Such a Mama facebook fan page.  Almost ready for public consumption (see previous comments about lack of screen time!)

Happy Friday!

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