I am soooooo tech savvy!

Hey – look over there!

→ → → →

Right there on the right!

See those social media icons!

Those took me all day on Saturday to do…

First I had to spend a fair amount of time finding some icons that I liked, that fit with the theme of my blog.  Or perhaps starts to solidify the theme of this blog.

Then I got all disappointed when I couldn’t figure out how to download the icons that I fell in love with.

Then I had to search some more until I found these.

Then I followed the directions from Diane Rambles on how to add icons which is included in the download.

I saved the icons and uploaded to my trusty photobucket account.

And then I cut, pasted and retyped the html code like a bazillion times to get them to work correctly! It seemed that whenever I hit “save” wordpress would change everything.

But now they are there.  I am not 100% satisfied, but they will work for now while I evolve and transform the “brand”.

So go click them already!


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