A snowy day treat!

On Wednesday, my friend Stephanie posted about some yummy peanut butter blondies for her Pinterest Food Challenge.  And then we had yet another winter storm with an early release day!  Coincidence…  I think not!

So I popped by the grocery store and picked up some chocolate chips, picked up the kids early from day care and made some!

I had one twist to try and make it healthier. I split the amount of flour and did half flour and half healthy stuff I had in the cupboard.  I threw some oatmeal, sunflower seeds and wheat germ in the food processor and chopped it up so that it was nice and fine.  It made the blondies have a bit more texture.  I do this a lot with baked goods so Connor doesn’t know the difference.

I did throw in some more chocolate chips which was not at all necessary and pretty much negated any attempt to make them healthy!



4 thoughts on “A snowy day treat!

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