High Five For Saturday

Normally I do a High Five for Friday like Stephanie at Sandpaper and Glue and Lauren at From My Grey Desk. But I was tired.  So this week we have a High Five For Saturday post!

Happy Saturday!

  1. Amelia has slept for 5 hours IN A ROW for a couple of nights now.  That is some SERIOUS progress people!
  2. She also turned NINE months old this past week.  That means as much time out of the belly as in the belly!

    Amelia 9 months

    Amelia 9 months

  3. We had a half a snow day!  I should have made it a full snow day as it was a scary drive in the morning.  But I got an extra afternoon with the kiddos and we baked yummy treats!
  4. We went out after DARK with other ADULTS on a SCHOOL night!  There was dinner in a restaurant with $5 margaritas and a concert!  Thus the reason I am was so damn tired on Friday. The concert was my husband’s idea. I admit I had never heard of the guy, but my he did.  He talked about being a dad of 3 girls with another one on the way, but he didn’t sing one song about sippy cups that spill or boogers so it was hard to pay attention.  But then he sang a song about placentas and everything was okay!

    Guy who sings about placentas

    Guy who sings about placentas

  5. The calendar says MARCH and we could smell a SKUNK!  That is a much surer sigh of spring than that damn groundhog.  Whom I am very annoyed with at the moment.

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