Baking cookies with a toddler

The other day Connor asked me for a cookie.  While we didn’t have any on hand, I remembered this cute little recipe on Pinterest and thought we would give it a go.


Thus we have yet another Pinterest Food Challenge!  We pinned it and we made it!

On a SCHOOL NIGHT.  That is how simple and easy it was!

The original pin looked a little too pretty for the ingredients and the link back post called them Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites.  But yet you put them in the oven!  Well………. it turns out that that pictured got posted with another recipe altogether that wasn’t even close to the recipe that I made.  Thus they looked nothing alike!

My adorable baker!

My adorable baker!

But the recipe I made was super easy and pretty yummy so it is worth posting!

I used…

2 and a half super ripe bananas but mine were kind of small
1 cup of oatmeal
about a half a cup of chocolate chips

Connor mashed the bananas up.  As a three year old, he got about 75% of the way there. We used an avocado masher

which is a finer smaller version of a potato masher and one of the best invention ever!
I added oatmeal.  I left them whole, although I frequently run them through the food processor.
Then we threw in the chocolate chips as incentive for the toddler to eat the cookies!

We baked them for 15 minutes and ate them after dinner that night!



Connor responded as he usually does.  I can usually get him to eat one or two right off the bat and then he is done.  So it is a good thing that Mommy likes them too.  They were very mild and could benefit form some coconut or even a little vanilla.  But it was a school night so we kept it simple!


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