My little fish!

This week is spring break.  It is also snowing like crazy! We already have at least 9 inches of snow and is is supposed to last all day.  But it is spring break!  I took advantage of the quiet time to sneak out early and go to Connor’s swimming lesson.

Connor loved swimming in the pool when we were in Florida.  Because he could go in every day, he quickly gained a lot of confidence and was soon way too independent in the water.

My Florida Fish!

My Florida Fish!

I knew that as soon as I could when I got home, I would sign him up for swimming lessons.  Unfortunately for me, the only slots open where midweek when Dad could bring him, but I was still at work. This resulted in a minor melt down during his first lesson when I was at work, but I have recovered!

He is the littlest guy in his class.  It is for 3 to 5 year olds and he is only 3 and a half and he is just little.  I was worried that he would be scared.  But he is rocking it!  He loves his teacher Kyle.  And I like that Kyle doesn’t push him to do what he is supposed to, but helps him find a way to engage in the activity and have fun.  Connor didn’t look to us at all.  He was totally focused.



Just within that half an hour I saw his confidence blossom as he grew more and more independent, swimming around, first without his teacher and then without the noodle.  I am one proud mama!



Oh and then I had a surprise when I got home!



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