A boy and his hat

I am sure Connor was only a few weeks old when he got his first infant sized hat.  He didn’t wear it much as I was pretty terrified to bring him outside, never mind in the sun.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

He outgrew that one pretty quickly.  The kid has a pretty big head.  We realized when we went to his first Yankee game when we were sitting in the sun and it was like a million degrees! This one actually came from Yankee Stadium!

First Yankee Game!

First Yankee Game!

During his second summer, when I did want to venture outside, we tried desperately to get him to wear that hat, to protect his blond little head from sun and those nasty buggies.  He just was not having it.

Until one day….  and then he just wouldn’t take it off!

A boy and his hat!

A boy and his hat!

He wears it every day, all day.  I did manage to talk him into taking it off to bathe and sleep.  He would try and keep it in bed with him, on it’s own special pillow right next to him, but it kept falling down behind the bed and he was convinced to leave it on his toy chest at night.

But he is a boy…  a stinky, sweaty dirty little boy.  And I needed to wash it.  In fact I needed to sanitize it.  It was getting pretty gross in there. Sometimes I would sneak it out of his room at night to put it in the wash and even go down in the middle of the night when I was up with Amelia to switch it over to the dryer.  Because the first words out of his mouth were always “Where is my Yankee hat?!??

Santa bought him a new one, and a cute little pink one for Amelia too!  But he wouldn’t wear it.  I even washed it a few times to soften it up.

The last time I washed it, the plastic piece that makes up the brim started to break through a little.  He noticed.  I told him it was broken and he should wear the new one that Santa brought.   Then when he wasn’t paying attention, I swapped them right on his little head.  And he is FINE with it! This is a REALLY BIG DEAL!

new hat

new hat

Go figure!


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