Ann’s Ultimate What NOT to get a New Mother List

I see a lot of those posted.  The “ultimate new baby list”, the “super supplies for nursing list”, the “best baby food guide”.  I can appreciate the ones that talked about what actually worked for a seasoned mama.  The no none sense practical stuff!  But as we are desperately trying to off load Amelia’s out grown or never used baby crap, I am reminded of all of those impractical just takes up a lot of space things!

Ann’s Top Ten Just Don’t Buy This!

  1. Onesies.  Packs and packs of onesies.  Why?  Aren’t they practical?  Well, a few… yes!  But by the hundreds, NO!  Everybody buys you onesies.  For my first shower for Connor, we received over FIFTY newborn onesies.  Enough people, enough.
  2. Clothing or toys that can’t go in either the washing machine or the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle.  Can’t be washed after the 47 times she has dropped in in the cat food bowl.  Going in the trash!
  3. Stuffed animals.  Even if they can go in the washing machine (survival of the fittest). They multiple in the toy box over night.  I don’t what is going on in there, but they reproducing somehow!
  4. Bibs or t-shirts with stupid sayings.  Unless you know that both parents would find it adorable, there is a good chance that they might find it offensive.  I personally can’t stand anything that says “princess” or references to boys and dirt or bugs.
  5. Those frames with the teeny tiny spaces for month pictures that are impossible to get in the right spot and to remember to take or print one every month.
  6. Clothes that don’t match.  Really, now I have to go buy pants to go with those three completely different colored shirts? An outfit that matches please!
  7. An outfit that matches, but in different sizes.  A 12 month shirt with 6 month pants?  Why? Why? Why?
  8. Baby bathrobes.  Yes, they are cute.  Completely and utterly impractical.  Connor received 4. FOUR!
  9. Baby books….  the pressure is just too much! I got one that include baby stuff, school stuff and even military and marriage records!
  10. Clothes made out of plastic.  I don’t get it either.



6 thoughts on “Ann’s Ultimate What NOT to get a New Mother List

  1. I loved this! One of my buddies is currently planning a baby shower for her neighbor, and she was telling me how she went out and bought thirty onesies, a bunch of fabric paint, and ribbons and bows for the attendees to decorate the onessies with. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that this is probably the most inane idea ever.

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