Fun in a box!

Vox Box!

Vox Box!

I am a girly girl!  I like pink and flowers and all thing glittery!  I was always a huge fan of all things bath, body and cosmetics. Remember when Freeman put out like a bazillion different fruit and flower bath products in the mid 90s?  I had them ALL!

And then I had kids.

I have this very specific memory when I was on maternity leave with Connor.  It was summer and probably very hot.  My husband told me I wasn’t smelling quite so fresh.  And I dissolved into a puddle of tears and screamed – I haven’t used soap in three days!

So when Influenster offered me an opportunity to try a Vox Box, I jumped at the chance!  A Vox Box is a box of goodies that Influenster would like me to try and use my “influence” in social media to share.  Did I mention they are free?  So we are all over this!  Free goodies that I am OBLIGATED to make time to try and then share my opinions with you!  A win-win if you ask me!

Sugar N Spice Vox Box

Sugar N Spice Vox Box

First up was the Colgate Optic White system: whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and a wild looking toothbrush. I have always been a Colgate fan so I was pleased to try a new product.  I have been using them for less than a week and already I have noticed a brighter smile.  They taste great and leave my mouth feeling super clean which is super important.  I was a little nervous about the crazy toothbrush with whitening cups, but the bristles were super soft and got the toothpaste super foaming so it was a win! One of the surprises – the price! All of these products are very reasonably priced.  Not the $20 price tag I was expecting.

Optic White by Colgate

Optic White by Colgate

There are a few more things to share with you as well!  Keep checking back!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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