Two picky eaters!

As my husband and I have tried to recall, we figure Connor really became a picky eater in earnest right around his second birthday.  As an infant he took the bottle well  and I even used to get up at 3 am and  pump in the middle of the night to keep up with him.  I didn’t start him on any solids, even rice cereal until he was six months.  He ate pretty much everything well, with few exceptions, he disliked pureed peas for a bit.

Then he became the typical picky eater, we tried the whole “this is what is for dinner” tactic with miserable failure.  He would easily go without eating with no complaints.  And he is just too little to skip any meals.  My husband had to become a short order cook.  We had several go to meals for a while, but he quickly shut down on most of those too. He even went through a period when he wouldn’t even eat mac and cheese!

The boy

The boy

We are now back to mac and cheese (thank goodness) but only the standard blue box variety. And we look to find ways to incorporate fruit, veggies and extra protein into things he doesn’t always know about.  The only thing we truly “sneak in” is pureed carrots into the mac and cheese.  The others I am very open and honest about.  This weekend, he helped me make brownies and I explained that I was putting pureed spinach and carrots in.  I also make him “mopsicles” with yogurt and pureed fruit.  Right now we are on a strawberry kick.

All fairly typical toddler behavior, so I thought I would have a few more months, even years before Amelia became a picky eater.  NOOOOOOOOOO!  She has already started.  She has never been a fan of the bottle.  It seems that half the milk I pump goes down the drain.  I started her on cereal made with expressed milk at 4 months so that the sitter and Dad could give her something.  Sometimes she has screamed because I could get fruit and cereal in fast enough.  She is always stealing her brother’s cereal when she gets the chance.

But lately, oh she has gotten so picky!  One night she refused to eat her vegetables and cereal and instead grabbed a huge chunk of my cheese burger and tried to shove it in. The next night we were having beef stew, so I chopped up the well cooked carrots and celery for her.  She outright refused and would only eat baby food.  UNTIL about halfway through dinner when she did a complete turn around and refused the baby food.



Oh help me…..  She is not even a year old and already the strong opinions.  I can’t even fathom the teenage years!


2 thoughts on “Two picky eaters!

  1. Porter became a picky eater at age 2 also. It was like he flipped a switch and suddenly didn’t want to touch anything he use to eat. It is slowly getting better, but made for some very very stressful dinner-times! Good luck with Amelia!

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