Did you notice the new button????

Do you see it yet?

“My Follow this blog with Bloglovin” button!

It is my current blog reader since Google reader announced its retirement!  It seems to work best on the laptop, but I haven’t been crazy about the iPad app yet. It seems that the iPad app is just a iPhone app that you can enlarge.  Not very pretty.

But I like the web version because you can go see everyone’s blog design and comment directly on each post. yet, you can still click through to all the latest posts.  Sometimes it tells me I have unread posts that I know I have already have, but that seems to be happening less and less.

Feedly seems to be the way to go with the iPad. It would be nice to have one reader than works well with both the desktop and iPad.  I am hoping Bloglovin will feel the love and improve their iPad version.

Look there it is!  Right over THERE >>>>>!

Check it out already! Or let me know what you are using now that Google Reader is shutting down!


One thought on “Bloglovin!

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