Reflecting on a Friday

This week has been a rough one.  While I usually do a positive post reflecting on the highlights of the week.  It seems hard to do today.  There has been numerous incidents of tragedy hitting communities that are important to me.  Both in the campus that I work at and New England has a whole.

We had a vigil on campus on Thursday and I happened to be standing next to a sophomore who was about 100 feet from the first explosion in Boston.  He ran in and helped a 10 year old boy who has since lost his leg. His voice was shaking as he spoke to myself and a colleague about his experiences, but later on during the vigil, he had the courage to go up and speak and tell a little bit about what he had seen that day.

It feels all to familiar, these tragedies that have hit New England in the past year.  It seems like only yesterday that we were reflecting on the incidents in Newtown, CT.  Big bad scary stuff is supposed to be in far away places with unrecognizable faces.  Not on the local news.  Not in my community.

Fortunately my children are far too young to realize what is going on.  We watch they news in another part of the house or after they have gone to work.  Because my husband works in the media, it is very important that he is aware of developments as they unfold.  But it is hard, watching these scenes over and over again.  Sometimes too, it is hard not to become enthralled with it all.  We clamor for answers.  The who and the whys.

I watch the news networks and social media clamor to get the word out while the jump the gun and report inaccurate facts.  I saw/heard twice from “credible” sources that there were three blasts, that a suspect had been arrested, reports that community members had died when they haven’t.

The young man who had been at the finish line told his fellow classmates to be grateful and give back.  That is what he was choosing to take away from the horror he witnessed on Monday.

Today I am grateful for my family.  My wonderful husband and loving children.  I am grateful that I have them to go home to every night and to wake up to every morning. I hope that I can give them the security and love they need to help their communities in the future.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on a Friday

  1. It is so sad what the world is coming to these days! I cant believe its happening! But it is and there is nothing we can do other then pray for change! I am grateful for my family as well. And I hope the boy is okay also! Btw I found your blog on the Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop, I hope you can come visit me 😀

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