Hide and Seek

Do you have a toddler that likes to hide things? Freakin’ annoying, isn’t it!

Connor has his go-to hiding places that he will hide his toys or my jewelery and I can usually retrieve whatever he is hidden, but it is such a pain when he is having a melt down because he can’t find something. Or worse – I can’t find something!

He loves to hide my pretty girly stuff like nail polish, jewelery and perfume. Definitely annoying!

Shortly after we bought our new camera we gave him our old camera to take photos with. It was an okay camera but had some issues going through batteries like every 5 minutes. The connections weren’t all connecting right. It was your basic little square point and shoot digital camera. The pictures were fine initially until we got a better camera and then I realized the difference!

And then he hid it. Fortunately I had remember to take out the camera card first, but it did contain a set of those nice rechargeable batteries. He would prefer to use the nice new fancy one. And when he does, it often has to be sent out for repairs. It would have been nice to have the old one as a back up.

But he hid it.

And I looked every where! While I was on maternity leave I made a point of trying to get our house in some sort of sense of organized chaos. But I still never found it. The last time we had seen him with it was in our bedroom. How many places could he have hidden it in there?

We even took a vacation in January and went with only one suitcase. I stuffed that suitcase pretty gosh darn full. Or so I thought! I was pulling out the remaining flip flops and tucked in one corner of one of the pockets was the old camera! It had even been to Florida and back and we never found it. It was in a front pocket that I can only imagine was squished and tossed and thrown about! And it still works. It still has it’s battery issues – but it works!




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