High Five for Friday

After last week in New England, life is feeling a little more normal.  In the aftermath of tragedy I am choosing to celebrate the little things in life.

I am linked up over at Lauren Elizabeth formerly  From My Grey Desk!

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Ann’s High Five for Friday!

  1. The sewer pump was fixed for a tolerable amount of money.  But hey, for the ability to put things down the drain I would pretty much pay the plumber a million dollars! I will refrain from any pictures.
  2. Amelia popped out teeth #5 and #6!  Thank goodness for the “upside down game” and I could see in her little mouth.

    Just sweet potatoes - not chicken pox!

    Just sweet potatoes – not chicken pox!

  3. The forsythia is blooming!
  4. The camera has been repaired and I can take decent pictures again. Connor has a hands off rule with this one.  He can use the old one and fortunately, he seems fine with that.



  5. TADA!  AMELIA SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  This really could have counted for all five high fives.  Holy moly, at 10 and a half months, I thought this would NEVER happen.

Happy Friday!

More pictures soon now that the camera is back!


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